What I do…

I cover the whole gamut, from logo and corporate identity design to advertising & print, through the line media campaign planning, brand strategies, project support graphics, GIS-Mapping, signage and show displays. I specialise in project visual support. Taking masses of complicated information and simplifying it with illustration and design into info enticing and digestible packages.  In this digital age, I'm still in love with print but will take on the occasional website. Every single job I take on I do on a personal basis, fully committing myself and working till the job is done, not until five o’clock or Friday afternoon. I love to be friends with clients, working with them towards a shared objective we can both be proud of and staying in touch afterwards. I deliver precise, fast and creative work and follow a no-nonsense but artful approach to creativity, challenging the widely held belief that a good graphic artist should don black rimmed glasses, drink absinthe and indulge in an existentialist breakdown over canapés and cheese two days before deadline. I am also crazy about mangoes and lamb chops.

Project Visual support

Stuff I make from loads of raw information that I need to collate, structure and plan. Then I need to work the miracle of illustrating it so it easily and neatly makes sense whilst staying accurate. Here I had to work with a mind-blowingly boring, but important subject - endangered flies. I hyped it up by trying to make it all seem kinda futuristic, dynamic and sci-fi. Have worked with Stellenbosch University, Rhodes University, Albany Museum and SANPark among others in this regard.

GIS Mapping and Mapmaking

I LOVE maps... It started with watching 'The Goonies' in the 80's and burying treasure around the neighbourhood with a meticulously burned around the edges, pen-drawn, cryptic (in my mind at the time) and tea aged map pointing the way. Map-making is a dying art, it's not just about compiling accurate, correctly positioned information, but presenting it in a simplistic, visually interesting and easy to understand format. 

Technical Illustrations

Presenting complicated information as clearly and concisely as possible. Instructional sheets, technical brochures etc.